Monday, 5 November 2012

Football Sunday With My Son

Yesterday was a day of relaxation, watching football after a long work week. My son and I watched most of the games together while taking breaks at half time for a little relief. It was a fun filled day watching three different football games.

It had been quite some time since I last watched so many football games in one day. I had the opportunity to enjoy three games, with the first being my favourite team, the Miami Dolphins which played the Indianapolis Colts. It was a hard fought game, to some degree exciting, but in the end the Colts came away with the victory.

A match up of two rookie quarterbacks. Both looked good, but the Colts quarterback, Andrew Luck was the star on this day, throwing for a rookie record of 433 yards on his way to the record books and looking like a true veteran. Tannihill threw for 290 yards and looked good as well, despite losing the game as the quarterback of the Miami Dolphins. With time both quarterbacks will be super stars in the NFL, they sure looked good on yesterday. I enjoyed it knowing my team will improve having a quarterback with superstar potential.

Next game I watched was the Pittsburgh Steelers Vs. the New York Giants, this was a good fought game with Pittsburgh pulling away in the fourth quarter after trailing most of the game.

Last but not least, the last game was the Dallas Cowboys Vs. the Atlanta Falcons. But far too many missed tackles on the Cowboys part and simple mistakes caused them the game. I was pulling for the Cowboys to win the game in order to preserve the Miami Dolphins undefeated record of 1972.

My team did not win but I enjoyed watching the games with my son. It was a good time for father and son together enjoying something we both love. Perhaps next time we will be on the winning end of the games.