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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Beautiful Fashion for Kids


Have you looked for something cute for your child and could never find it? Well, look no further, here you can find many unique fashion styles for girls and boys. Many name brands and selections to choose from. I for one love it and frequent shop at these stores for my children. The price is great, just right for a working family budget and the quality of clothing is outstanding.
See our Styles/Fashion here
Stop on by and see what's right for your kid(s) today. I guarantee you will return again and tell your friends and family of your unique discovery.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Recovering After The Christmas Holiday

The Christmas holiday is finally over, talk about exhausting from the process of holiday shopping and hosting family and friends. The kids are finally going back to school tomorrow so we are doing their final shopping. Hair cut and styling being done today then a final trip to the mall for the last few items before returning to school tomorrow.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Post Holiday and Year End Deals

Up to 70% Off

The perfect time to shop is now! Year-end deals in abundance, deep discounted prices from lack luster sales during the holiday season. The 2012 holiday season may have been the worst for retailers since the financial crisis. with sales growth far below expectations, forcing many retailers to offer massive post-Christmas discounts in hopes of shedding excessive inventory. Great deals can be found on toys, games and more during this time of year.

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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Last Minute Gift Ideas and Deals

The Latest in Toys & Games

It's getting nearer to Christmas and the malls are getting more crowded. In many cases stores are running out of some supplies and having to re-stock those items. Don't be left out, place your order online today and get your gifts on time for Christmas.

Here are a few great last minute gift ideas and a few deals for all, children and adults alike. Save time by ordering your last minute gifts online now.

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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Surprise Mom/Her at Christmas

Sanford Hall

Yes women love gifts too. Despite being the working woman, the everything around the home, from being busy with the baby, active in the kitchen, laundry, doing home work with the kids and everything else. Yes she needs down time to rest and gather thoughts, but most off all she sometimes expects and deserves a gift.

Today I will take the time to examine a few wonderful gifts a woman appreciates. These are just my thoughts, from a man's perspective, you may disagree with me but that's ok. I prefer beauty stuff because those are some of the things my wife is into, such as facials, scented lotions and other essentials. Be sure to navigate into other areas because women love to be surprised, in other words you can be some what extraordinary by branching out into other territories which will surprise her, they all love surprises.

Today is my chance to surprise her and that I will certainly do. She doesn't complain much and even if she does she will not tell me. What do you think of my gift ideas, what do you suggest?
My goal is to make her Christmas special as well.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Thursday, 14 June 2012

5 Quick Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's day is three days away and many are still searching and wondering what to purchase dad or their husband for father's day. Let's make it simple and quickly. No need to beat yourself over the head. See below five wonderful gifts to chose from for dad. These are a few wonderful and common gifts  every man would appreciate and adore.


A TV is a sort of toy all dads enjoy, most especially a large flat screen TV. Buy this television now for dad in time for father's day. He would love to have this television to watch the NBA finals as well as the upcoming NFL season in the fall.


A very common gift is a watch, which is perhaps one of the most common and easiest gift to find for dad. Excite dad with one of these watches today. I gurantee he would love and appreciate it.


A wonderful book which can be ordered now in time for Father's day. An inspirational book for him. Order it today


A common but yet neat gift for dad on father's day is a nice tie. What would it be like without a tie?

Shaving Kit

A shaving kit set comes in handy so dad can get that daily fresh shave. Select your dad this wonderful gift immediately in time for his special day.

These are five simple things that would love and enjoy as a father's day gift. Now is the time to buy him one or a few of these wonderful gifts in time for father's day. Do not hesitate, time is running out. Buy him his gift today.

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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Last Day Of School For The Kids

Sanford Hall

Today is the last day of school for the kids before Christmas. This means I have to do as much if not all of the remaining shopping for christmas while the kids are not at home or in the way. The malls are crowded this time of the year while everyone does their christmas shopping.

I will be shopping for a few video games for my children XBOX360 and WII. I hope and trust it goes well so I can return home in time to bake them cookies as treats once they return from school today. Cookies are something they enjoy and love, therefore I know it will be something that's surprising and exciting once they return. As a dad, I live for these moments, seeing such wonderful expression on their faces. This is the reason I consider myself the worlds best dad, which makes me dad of the day, every day!