Friday, 29 November 2013

Black Friday Deals

2013 Black Friday deals, with low prices and sales all week on electronics, video games, DVDs, and more

Black Friday Deals Are Here

We've been searching for the best Black Friday deals everywhere--including Black Friday deals other stores have--so we can meet or beat their prices and bring you the most Black Friday deals ever. These limited-supply deals will go quickly, but we'll add new ones throughout Black Friday, so you can skip the long lines and still save a bundle.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Baby Gifts

For those of you who love to shop, especially expecting moms and friends of moms to be. Here are the perfect baby gifts for all. Below you will find many gifts for babies of all ages. Be sure to share and like our story. Share with your friends and love one and encourage them to do the same in your Social Media world. Let's give the gift of love too all our babies out there, make it a  memorable gift.


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Pins

The entire month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Four years ago my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am happy to say her cancer is in remission today. It was a scary moment at the time I received the news. I was shocked, saddened and confused of the news. She has since gone through much agony, pain and depression. Many hours of chemo treatment, it was rugged, it took a toll on her body, there were some days she didn't want to fight any longer.With love and support of her family she hung in there and fought the fight to survive. Today she is once strong again after going through breast augmentation. Because of her and so many that have fought and continue to fight this dreadful disease we ask that you support Breast Cancer Awareness by purchasing a Pin. Please show your support by helping this fight.

More Cancer Awareness Pins

Monday, 12 August 2013

Kids Love and Appreciate Their First Things In Life

Do you recall the first time you learn how to ride a bike? Every kid tend to remember this feat. These are almost always exciting times, such as the first day of school. My first toy, watch, wallet and Teacher. These are excellent and exciting times but we tend to remember our first toys and memorable moments, such as our first movie, sleep over and fishing trip.

Do you remember your first toy or your first day at school? What was your first toy and how was your first day at school? Hair Bows

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Back To School Shopping For 2013

With excitement blooming, malls crowded with concern parents. It's the yearly shopping spree for back to school sales on children's school supplies. Great deals can be found at most stores this time of the year. Shop early and shop smart. Don't forget the Tax week, use this time to save dollars on your shopping spree. BackPack Shoes

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Summer Camp For Kids Across America

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 In a few short weeks school will be out for Summer break. This is the time of year some families begin to scratch their head and wonder where will their kids be for the summer while they are at work. For many it's a difficult task because it can be costly to find someone to care for the kids or to pay for summer camp. Some are fortunate to find summer care help through government programs while others have the means to afford alternative camps.

      An inexpensive camp can be a fishing experience by going to a pier with volunteers who are willing to teach kids to fish. Tennis at the local park or a hunting experience for butterflies, bugs or birds. With the help of volunteers these can be a fun and rewarding experience for kids.

      This is the time for fun under the sun, be safe and enjoy your summer experience.