Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Super Soaker Cps 2700 Review

The Super Soaker 2700 by Hasbro is oneof it's kind on the market place today and in a catagory of it's own. Light in weight despite being heavy when filled with water. Ideal for kids and adults alike, consumes an ample amount of water supply for battle and accurate and convenient. The best of it's kind in the super soaker catogory.

No more than five pounds in weight, the Super Soaker 2700 gun makes it ideal for the battle field. Comes highly recommended with three nozzles and highly powered with a super efficiency rating.
Now onto something more exciting about the Super Soaker 2700. It's the most powerful spherical CPS bladder type water gun out there. It has 5 shots per tank, and very good shot time, while keeping high output. The 2X nozzle is great for conservation, in fact it's the nozzle I use most often on the 2700.

All in all I believe it's the best water gun out there today on the market especially given the price for this gun. Highly powered and ready for a water war at all times. Be sure to check this gun out and purchase one today. Ideal for ages 12 and up, give it a try now.

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Monday, 27 August 2012

Hurricane Isaac: Palm Beach School Closes Due To Flooding

  Hurricane Isaac brings a wet day across Palm Beach, FL; causes the closure of all schools. Along with dumping of 14 inches of rain is expected and flash flooding across the county, which means no school today. The kids will stay at home today allowing them to sleep in late, enjoy a movie or catch up with some extra home work. It boils down to an extended weekend break for the kids.
Too wet to be outside but extra comfy to be inside to watch a movie, play video games or do some home work. This day brings lots of joy and excitement to most kids, knowing that they have an extra day of break from the grind of another school day. There's always something fun to do, never short of something exciting.

Stay inside and be safe, if going outside be sure to take a rain coat or umbrella for safety and precaution. All in all, enjoy this wet, fun day at home in the comfy of your home. Make it exciting no matter what you do because tomorrow is another day to return, back to school.