Sunday, 29 July 2012

Back To School Shopping Bargains

It has been a long weekend,  the kids went to Wet N Wild on Friday with their Summer Camp. Visited their little eight year old friend who's in the hospital on yesterday (Saturday) and back to shopping for school deals today.

There are so many deals out there for back to school shopping. One could really do well shopping over the next two to three weeks. Asa consumer, one can shop online in the comfort of her home or while at work if it's convenient or go out where it's crowded and stressful at the mall. Below I will give you a list of some of the more popular and excellent deals you can save on, for the kids going back to school from Pre-K through the 12th Grade, as well as college kids.

Back Pack

There are deals starting with school supplies to uniforms and clothes for all grades as well as college students. Start saving today, shop online for back to school.


Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Fun Fishing With the Kids On The Lake

One of our greatest past time, fishing and enjoying it. Fishing is something I always enjoyed eventhough I haven't caught many fishes in my lifetime. It's a passion my kids have come to develop over the years since moving into a home on a lake.

The kids and their friends would go fishing on the lake for hours at a time, coming up empty handed. This past weekend my nine year old daughter visited my moms house and went fishing there on the lake. To my surprise she told me she caught ten or eleven fishes, of those three were BIG. As you can see below one of her fishes in the picture. Pretty crafty for a little girl, she has caught more fish in one day than I have caught in a lifetime. She did this with only a fishing rod and bread for bait.

I was quite surprised and told her how proud I was of her and her knack for catching fish. She really enjoys this and goes often for hours on the lake catching fish. It's a skilled developed over time. She tends to catch more fish than her friends and her brother. Makes me want to go out there and compete with her. As a matter of fact I may go out there and try my fishing pole this weekend.

Fishing can be fun and relaxing, nothing more exciting than feeling a bite and reeling in a catch. Take your kids, friends or someone you love fishing this weekend. It makes something to do exciting this summer. Stay cool by drinking lots of fluids and put on a hat and start fishing away. I am ready to go fishing, are you ready? Come along with me and enjoy the day!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Pray For Colorado Shooting Victims

As we all come to know by now, the sad events that have transpired in Aurora, Colorado a few days ago. It has captured the attention of America and around the world alike. We ask that you keep in prayer the victims as well as their family in this time of bereavement.




<> A Life Has Ended


A life has ended, with the passing of a friend,
the memories of times, have come to an end,
their threads wove the fabric of an earlier day.

A life has ended, with the passing of a friend,
sunrises and sunsets, bright days and dark nights
circled again and again, and gave context to this life,
moment after moment, their life was lived each day.

A life has ended, with the passing of a friend,
lives have been touched by the dear one's journey,
laughter, tears, hopes, fears, a life has come to an end
memories hold their spirit alive, in my own life.

A life has ended, with the passing of a friend,
the loss of future moments, that will not be,
grateful for moments shared, that nourished me,
moments lived, in casual belief, they would never end.

A part of me has ended, with the passing of a friend,
be they gone from the earthly plane, their spirit soars,
to renew again, in summerland, heaven or another life,
I know not where, but their love remains with me,
for in this life, we friends, did share.

I miss my friend, but they will always be near, inside
of me, inside you, and all who took time to hear,
the music of this life so dear, a life now silent,
living only in the memory, of those who survive.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2009

Friday, 6 July 2012

Baby Einstein Count and Compose Piano Review

Baby Einstein Count and Compose Piano has grown in popularity ever since it has been on the market. A fun and interactive toy for children of all ages. It is an exciting little toy desired by many children across the world. With many different melodies, given the child the opportunity to compose his/her own musical sounds.

By far one of the most favourite toy of children. The bright lights, different languages and multitude of melodies makes it one of the top selling toys on the market today. I have always been a favourite of Einstein toys because I always thought it played an important role in the growth and development of children especially their cognitive development.

I strongly recommend this toy as well as others by Einstein for your little one(s). The only downside to me is the speakers being located at the bottom of the toy which makes it slightly muffled for the child to hear. All in all I give this toy an A+ rating.

For ages 3-36 months.

Some other popular toys I like for kids.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

New York Independence Day Celebration Tragically ends in Chaos

On a much sad note, I regret to bring to you the sad news from last night's tragedy during 4th of July celebration in New York. On this Independence day three young lives were lost as they attempted to view the fire works celebration. The pain, sorrow and regret the family must feel as they go through this somber day.

The thrill of joy at the ultimate price. As a father, I could never imagine loosing a child, let alone on this significant day which was to celebrate our Independence. Too early to jump to conclusions, but my heart goes out to t he family of the victims. Their Independence day will forever not be the same. It now comes as a reminder of the precious, love lost of their life.

Take a moment of silence and pray for the family and those that lost their life in New York last night as they sat out on a vessel to watch fireworks. It could have been anyone, unfortunately it was them. Perhaps through this tragedy there will be triumphs, my hope is that there is peace and love as well as blessings for the family of the victims. Give each and every child of yours a hug today and tell them that you love him or her. Tomorrow is not a promise to any of us.

May the soul of the victims rest in peace forevermore.