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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

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For all you romantics looking for a wonderful gift for your love one, I will make it easier for you to select that special gift for your love or significant other on this valentines day..
Pamper her or him with this lovely gift. Make it an everlasting impression. Many say it's the thought that counts but for you let it be the gift of one to remember for a lifetime.

Jewelry sometimes are the best gifts to purchase because it's almost always small and so much
easier to secure and carry around. Another can be fragrances, baskets or clothes which can be used for all occasion. Surprise your love on this valentine with something special.


Saturday, 2 February 2013

Valentine's Gift(s) For Your LOVE

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Valentine's is approaching upon us once again.  It's that time we get into the frenzy of shopping for that yearly gift for our mate as well as our children if any. As always it can sometimes be an ordeal or a great experience. I am here to help make this process a little easier by selecting a few gift ideas that seems to be appropriate for the occasion.

Will start off with a few gift ideas for adults then move on to children's.

Make this day a special day for your love one, one she will always remember.

Other Items:
Children's Clothing

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Do You Favor One Child More Than The Other(s)?

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I am a father, a proud father and I know that I love both of my children the same. However, my wife tends to beg to differ. She always accuses me of favoritism of one more than the other. I told her it's not true and honestly it is not the case.

My son talks and interact with me more, if he needs something he asks for it. My daughter on the other hand never asks for anything but she adores me just as much as I adore her. They are two loving children, they are my kids and I love them the same. We often go fishing , play on the park and take long walks together. Weekends are often game nights, it's the time we get to play games and spend quality time as a family. 

I am sure some parents probably do have favorites but this is something I could or would never do, I LOVE both of them the same. The greatest joy is having them around me and waking up each morning and seeing their beautiful faces. There are absolutely NO favoritism's, my love is real, my love is unique but, most of all I love them equally.

Engage with us in the comment section below and share with us your thoughts on the subject. Tell us if you favor one child more than the other and why?

Thursday, 5 July 2012

New York Independence Day Celebration Tragically ends in Chaos

On a much sad note, I regret to bring to you the sad news from last night's tragedy during 4th of July celebration in New York. On this Independence day three young lives were lost as they attempted to view the fire works celebration. The pain, sorrow and regret the family must feel as they go through this somber day.

The thrill of joy at the ultimate price. As a father, I could never imagine loosing a child, let alone on this significant day which was to celebrate our Independence. Too early to jump to conclusions, but my heart goes out to t he family of the victims. Their Independence day will forever not be the same. It now comes as a reminder of the precious, love lost of their life.

Take a moment of silence and pray for the family and those that lost their life in New York last night as they sat out on a vessel to watch fireworks. It could have been anyone, unfortunately it was them. Perhaps through this tragedy there will be triumphs, my hope is that there is peace and love as well as blessings for the family of the victims. Give each and every child of yours a hug today and tell them that you love him or her. Tomorrow is not a promise to any of us.

May the soul of the victims rest in peace forevermore.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Tips for the NEW Year (2012)

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By Sanford Hall

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had a wonderful celebration with your family and friends. It's the beginning of a new year for all, let's hope and pray this year is a wonderful year for each of you. I sure hope it's a much less challenging year for myself.

I have outlined a few goals to achieve this year and hope you have done the same. Number one is to spend much more time with my wife and children this year. Invest more in the stock market, yourself and lastly to quit procrastinating.

I would like to hear some of your goals as well, so give some feed back in the "comment" section and lets' achieve our goals together. Many people tend to set goals at the beginning of the new year but very few achieve them. Be persistent, write down your goals and mark them off as you go along. Let's make this year a goal achievement year. Sing along the praise of a Happy New Year.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Dad Is A Wonderful Experience

Being a father is the greatest joy of my life other than my lovely wife. As a father of a wonderful son and daughter I couldn't be any prouder. It brings great joy to see a smile on their face. I enjoy taking them to and from school. I enjoy playing on the park with them, taking them to the pool or just an evening walk.
What would I do without them?

Being a dad is wonderful, I get a blast from being around my children and just being a responsible and fun dad. Taking them to the doctor or to a school play or recital is something I look forward in doing all the time. I will be a daddy until die.

What's your experience as a dad, is it as wonderful as mine?