Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A Day of Disovery For The Kids

Sunday was a great day for the kids as they visited the Museum of Discovery and Science in Ft. Lauderdale. The weather was perfect for the occasion and the atmosphere was warm an inviting as the kids mingle and manoeuvred through the crowd.

Monday was Dr. Martin Luther's Birthday making it a holiday for many, so we decided to take the kids out on Sunday to experience something different of sorts. Not that they have never been there before,but we thought it was the perfect time to take them once again. The exhibition tours were magnificent, while the kids pat and touch the alligator, snake, turtle and more. It was also exciting for my daughter to see a live conch for the first time after eating it so many times. She had a different out look on it after seeing it alive, vowing not to eat it again.

A little expensive, but well worth it for the kids to see and interact with the variety of animals and explore the science exhibits. It's essential for their growth, development and enrichment of the lives of children. It was a wonderful, fun experience manoeuvring the event. All in all, we had a great time as a family outing at the museum.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Missing Children Alert

By Sanford Hall

Today is a little different, you all know by now how much I love my two children and especially children in general. Well, I have decided to do this story and shed some light on the lives of missing children around the world. As a parent I couldn't and wouldn't want to imagine the way in which a missing child parent feels when a child goes missing.

As a loving dad I decide to bring some exposure to this story in hopes we can bring a child or some of the missing children home to their love ones. Have you ever asked yourself if you were a missing child? Wouldn't it be an eerie feeling to find out if you were and never knew?

Explore this site and see if you recognise any of the missing faces of children around the world. It would be a great help if only one child was to return home after you have red this story. Let's be alert and bring a missing child back home today.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Enhancing The Brain Of A Kid

By Sanford Hall

Does anything really Work?
 Reading is fundamental for kids, it's one of the basic steps in enhancing the brain of children.  We all have our personal theories about what helps and what hinders our mind's capacity to think. And our culture is rife with fads. There is probably no more engaging question for us to ask ourselves than how we can enhance our mental powers.

Video games are a form of play, a simulation of exciting fight and flight activities that require constantly changing adaptations and multiple, shifting forms of attention. Good players must invoke unconscious and intuitive processing to keep abreast of the action. This is a form of challenge which in turns help stimulate and expand the mind.

To be continued...

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Birthday Cake for a Kid

Lebron James recently celebrated his 29th birthday and as always, wherever there's Lebron there's controversy. There was a dispute about him refusing the original cake that was ordered for the occasion. However, the cake was not fit for a king and another was ordered the day of the party and it was ready in time and the king was happy.

My son's birthday is coming up shortly, he will celebrate his 12th birthday and I am thinking about getting him a nice B-Day cake. I am seriously thinking about ordering his cake from the woman in which Lebron James rejected. After all I am known for supporting the underdog.

In comparison, the cakes are like oranges and apples. You make the call, tell me what do you think?

    This was the cake fit for a king             The Rejected/Jilted Cake

Which cake would you prefer for a King?

Father and Son Bonding Today

By Sanford Hall

Today is a wonderful day weather wise, it's approximately 75* and I will take this opportunity to build a fence around my garden along with the help of my twelve year old son. This is our way of bonding today. Not that we do not bond often, but it's a day for us to learn and do something together as father and son.

The pumpkins, beans and cantaloupes are about to start blooming and to keep the animals out we have to build a fence. This shouldn't take very long since it's almost completed, but needs some finishing touch. While my son is out of school we take the opportunity to complete this project while the weather is ideal. I will take this time to teach my son how to plumb a fence, read a tape or cut a piece of wood. These maybe simple things to many but to a twelve year old it's a wonderful experience coming from his dad. Once we are done we will go out and have a pizza and ice ream together.

Simple things which means so much to a child or young son. Hope this is something he will appreciate and someday do the same with his son. As a kid I recalled doing wood work with my dad and I loved it, it left a lasting impression on me. The time has now come for me to bond with my son and I will enjoy every moment of it on this day.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Tips for the NEW Year (2012)

Yves Creations Pretty Christmas Tree - Pretty Christmas Tree Happy New Year in Black and White With Light Blue Text - Greeting Cards-12 Greeting Cards with envelopes

By Sanford Hall

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had a wonderful celebration with your family and friends. It's the beginning of a new year for all, let's hope and pray this year is a wonderful year for each of you. I sure hope it's a much less challenging year for myself.

I have outlined a few goals to achieve this year and hope you have done the same. Number one is to spend much more time with my wife and children this year. Invest more in the stock market, yourself and lastly to quit procrastinating.

I would like to hear some of your goals as well, so give some feed back in the "comment" section and lets' achieve our goals together. Many people tend to set goals at the beginning of the new year but very few achieve them. Be persistent, write down your goals and mark them off as you go along. Let's make this year a goal achievement year. Sing along the praise of a Happy New Year.