Friday, 30 December 2011

Happy New Year

By Sanford Hall


Happy new year to all of you that have taken the time to come and read my blog. This is the time of year when many come together and celebrate the beginning of the new year. Some of us celebrate the past year's success while many hoping to celebrate the up-coming year success to come.

My warning to you is to be safe and be mindful of others that you encounter in your paths during this time of the year. This is the time of the year when people come out in abundance to celebrate. Don't drink and drive, remember to have a designated area if you plan to go out and drink. By doing this you are being responsible and saving yourself and others from harm or danger.

May god bless you on your journey and have a safe return.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

NEW Year's Fun Stuff For Kids

By Sanford Hall

New Years is here once again and the kids are already excited running around having fun. Today my wife and I took the kids shopping for our annual New Years Party. This is the time of year when we invite the neighbours, family and friends over with their kids to celebrate the new year.

This year we plan to do a few fun things for the kids, such as make them spin drums, balloons, noise maker shakers and the ultimate, favourite and popular glitzy glasses.

Materials for Glitzy Glasses
  • template
  • Poster board
  • Glitter glue
  • Glue

  1. To fashion them, download our template and use it to cut the frame pieces from poster board.
  2. Decorate the glasses (we used glitter glue), leaving about a half-inch at the ends of the arms free. Note: Do not use loose glitter, as it might shed and get into the wearer's eyes.
  3. When your decorations are dry, glue the arms to the back of the 2012.

Monday, 26 December 2011

The Day After Christmas

By Sanford Hall

Christmas has come and gone, left behind are a tremendous amount of bills to be paid and work to be done. Never does any one given day causes so much expense and unrest which takes months and sometimes years to smooth en out. It's one rat race I wish I could escape, but given the love and dedication to my love ones it's one I will forever endure.

The fun has come and gone and only left are the surmounting bills to be paid left in the wake of the hussy fuss of Christmas. I took great pleasure in the excitement of the kids opening their gifts on Christmas knowing quite well that it will take some time to repay the cost of all the excitement. Millions of Americans come to spend a fortune on Christmas and not taking into consideration how or when they will ever be able to repay this debt. Never over extend yourself when it comes to spending on gifts or using credit cards. Buy only what you can afford, remember there's always a tomorrow.

With Christmas comes surmounting bills, left in the wake for us to repay a daunting task filled with stress and restlessness. Pinching a penny goes a long way, always remember there's a tomorrow. Never spend more than what you have in your pocket.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas Is A Time Of Giving

By Sanford Hall

Christmas is here once again upon us and many will not get to experience it once again and to some it would be a first. This suppose to be a festive time, where everyone celebrate the birth of Jesus. With the poor economic conditions many children will not get to experience Christmas this year.

Nobody or no child should have to go without experiencing the joy of Christmas. As I stood in my kitchen yesterday cooking dinner I began to think as I always do. I thought to myself, what could I do to make a difference for some of the unfortunate kids at Christmas. But I remember, as my wife would always tell me "Sanford you alone can never change the world, so stop trying"! Then low and behold something came to mind. I thought why don't I give my two children, Aaron and Alexa $10.00 each and take them to the store and buy a random gift for a child and take it to some sort of charity within the city we reside.

By doing this helps my children in many ways as well as the children they are giving a gift. I thought it was a wonderful gesture and call upon all readers of this blog to do the same. $10.00 isn't much to brighten the day of some underprivileged children who otherwise would not get to open a gift for Christmas.

As a dad it brings great joy and warmth to my heart to see my children open their gifts on Christmas with excitement flowing throughout their body. This is the excitement I would like for our children to experience. Let's start by doing the same with your children or yourself by giving a gift to a children's charity today!

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Last Day Of School For The Kids

Sanford Hall

Today is the last day of school for the kids before Christmas. This means I have to do as much if not all of the remaining shopping for christmas while the kids are not at home or in the way. The malls are crowded this time of the year while everyone does their christmas shopping.

I will be shopping for a few video games for my children XBOX360 and WII. I hope and trust it goes well so I can return home in time to bake them cookies as treats once they return from school today. Cookies are something they enjoy and love, therefore I know it will be something that's surprising and exciting once they return. As a dad, I live for these moments, seeing such wonderful expression on their faces. This is the reason I consider myself the worlds best dad, which makes me dad of the day, every day!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Dad Is A Wonderful Experience

Being a father is the greatest joy of my life other than my lovely wife. As a father of a wonderful son and daughter I couldn't be any prouder. It brings great joy to see a smile on their face. I enjoy taking them to and from school. I enjoy playing on the park with them, taking them to the pool or just an evening walk.
What would I do without them?

Being a dad is wonderful, I get a blast from being around my children and just being a responsible and fun dad. Taking them to the doctor or to a school play or recital is something I look forward in doing all the time. I will be a daddy until die.

What's your experience as a dad, is it as wonderful as mine?