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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Do You Favor One Child More Than The Other(s)?

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I am a father, a proud father and I know that I love both of my children the same. However, my wife tends to beg to differ. She always accuses me of favoritism of one more than the other. I told her it's not true and honestly it is not the case.

My son talks and interact with me more, if he needs something he asks for it. My daughter on the other hand never asks for anything but she adores me just as much as I adore her. They are two loving children, they are my kids and I love them the same. We often go fishing , play on the park and take long walks together. Weekends are often game nights, it's the time we get to play games and spend quality time as a family. 

I am sure some parents probably do have favorites but this is something I could or would never do, I LOVE both of them the same. The greatest joy is having them around me and waking up each morning and seeing their beautiful faces. There are absolutely NO favoritism's, my love is real, my love is unique but, most of all I love them equally.

Engage with us in the comment section below and share with us your thoughts on the subject. Tell us if you favor one child more than the other and why?

Friday, 16 November 2012

Black Ops 2 Selling at Record Pace

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By Sanford Hall

Who said the economy is doing bad? Not when it come to gamers. Somewhere they are finding the dollars to buy Black Ops 2, the new released video game which recently sold $500M within 24 hrs. The numbers are insane, but they are flying off the shelves in record pace.

Could we donate a portion of this money being spent on games to the needy or less fortunate? It almost seems unfair that we spend frivolously on something that's insignificant. There has to be a better way for us to use or better judgement and spend our dollars more wisely.

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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A Few Popular Toys For The Kids To Enjoy

Every now and then kids love to have a popular toy to enjoy. What better toy to get them other than one or a few inexpensive fun toys? I decided to find a few popular toys for the kids today.

These toys can range from a number of small to medium size toys which varies in price and selections. They are inexpensive and enjoyable to the kids. Makes a wonderful reward or just a surprise to the children which brings joy to their little faces all the time.

Surprise your little one with a popular toy today. Make them smile, gush with surprise or even with excitement. Put a smile on their face with a wonderful toy surprise!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Super Soaker Cps 2700 Review

The Super Soaker 2700 by Hasbro is oneof it's kind on the market place today and in a catagory of it's own. Light in weight despite being heavy when filled with water. Ideal for kids and adults alike, consumes an ample amount of water supply for battle and accurate and convenient. The best of it's kind in the super soaker catogory.

No more than five pounds in weight, the Super Soaker 2700 gun makes it ideal for the battle field. Comes highly recommended with three nozzles and highly powered with a super efficiency rating.
Now onto something more exciting about the Super Soaker 2700. It's the most powerful spherical CPS bladder type water gun out there. It has 5 shots per tank, and very good shot time, while keeping high output. The 2X nozzle is great for conservation, in fact it's the nozzle I use most often on the 2700.

All in all I believe it's the best water gun out there today on the market especially given the price for this gun. Highly powered and ready for a water war at all times. Be sure to check this gun out and purchase one today. Ideal for ages 12 and up, give it a try now.

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Friday, 6 July 2012

Baby Einstein Count and Compose Piano Review

Baby Einstein Count and Compose Piano has grown in popularity ever since it has been on the market. A fun and interactive toy for children of all ages. It is an exciting little toy desired by many children across the world. With many different melodies, given the child the opportunity to compose his/her own musical sounds.

By far one of the most favourite toy of children. The bright lights, different languages and multitude of melodies makes it one of the top selling toys on the market today. I have always been a favourite of Einstein toys because I always thought it played an important role in the growth and development of children especially their cognitive development.

I strongly recommend this toy as well as others by Einstein for your little one(s). The only downside to me is the speakers being located at the bottom of the toy which makes it slightly muffled for the child to hear. All in all I give this toy an A+ rating.

For ages 3-36 months.

Some other popular toys I like for kids.